Lovely day for it!

Truely grim weather today, which seemed to get worse as the day went on. More of the reserves willows and alder trees have taken a hammering from the wind although thankfully nothing seems to have come down on any footpaths or hides.

I actually heard this willow branch snap as I was servicing chainsaws in the site workshops this afternoon:



Some impressive precipitation as recorded by the rain water measurer thingy:


Note to self:  For a more accurate reading try holding it straight.

I spent most of the day catching up on paper work and report writing so unsurprisingly there is very little wildlife to report, other than 1 ruddy duck, 2 goldeneye, 37 pintail on Ibsley Water first thing and a group of 12 crossbills which flew north-east over the woodland hide when I was unlocking it this morning. 

Hopefully there won’t be too many trees to clear off the footpaths tomorrow morning or worse still out of the road, as I’m on my own again! 


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