Hazel cages and an unfortunate gull.

The Thursday volunteer gang were in today as usual. We split into a few groups and got an amazing amount done in just a few hours. We cleared away storm damaged trees from around the site workshops, cut back willow and alder branches that were over hanging the car-park, trimmed buddleia and put cages around small hazels and hollies that were in danger of being nibbled to death by deer.


Hazel with a mesh cage to give it a chance against the ravishes of Blashford’s large deer population

Three of us spent the afternoon mowing bramble and rush on the eastern shore of Ibsley Water again to improve the grassland for wigeon, geese, lapwing and starlings.


Adam mowing rush and bramble.

Sadly while mowing, we found a lesser-black backed gull that appears to have been shot. One of the bird’s wings has injuries that look to be caused by the pellets from a shotgun blast. It seems likely it was shot while on it’s way to roost on Ibsley Water and struggled on only to later die by the lake shore. It is such a shame that someone shot it especially as they spend most of their time eating earthworms on ploughed fields or feeding at rubbish dumps doing very little harm to anybody.


Shot lesser black-backed gull


Underside of the gull


Injuries on the underside of the bird’s right wing.


2 thoughts on “Hazel cages and an unfortunate gull.

  1. Hi Margaret, possibly but it would be extremely difficult to prove so. It is really sad that people treat wildlife in this way.

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