Blashford rakes?

Birds reported day included:

2 Water Rails – Ivy lake

1 Yellow-legged gull, 13 Goosander – Ibsley Water

Yesterday was mostly all about moving things like this from paths:


It was nice to find this lesser stag beetle:


I also saw a late brimstone butterfly, several redwing and a few fly over redpoll.

Today the volunteers helped with a variety of tasks, including coppicing willow , using willow to block  areas where fishermen had been poaching on Ibsley water, picking up litter left by fishermen and repairing damaged fence lines.
They also helped rake up more cut rush and nettles from the Ibsley shore line to improve the habitat for wigeon and lapwing. After totally failing to set fire to the (very damp) raked material, we instead opted for raking it in to piles and leaving it in heaps near the fence line. Hopefully grass snakes will lay their eggs in the rotting vegetation next summer.


Blashford Lakes or a scene from the Romanian countryside?


Without doubt this area will be covered in wildfowl tomorrow.





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