Storm aftermath

Today consisted of flat out chainsawing, pole sawing and leaf blowing. We’ve cleared many willows, birches and alders from footpaths and the worst has been shifted. Thankfully there was no damage to the hides. Thanks to Adam and Bob for coming and helping at short notice.

It was pretty incredible to see the amount of large branches snapped off and trees fallen over. This is by no means a disaster for wildlife though. Cracks in tree limbs will become homes for birds, bats and insects. Dead wood will provide food for fungi, beetle larvae and woodpeckers. Uplifted root plates will be ideal for small mammals, snakes and kingfishers to burrow into.

We should be open tomorrow but we will confirm on the blog in the morning.


A willow down across the boardwalk



An Alder across the path to Ivy south hide



Willow root plate lifting up



Adam playing with his new chainsaw, cutting a willow back from a path.

The drake Red-crested pochard was again on Ibsley Water and at least 15 yellow-legged gulls and 2 common gulls came in to roost amongst the usual lesser black-backed, herring and black-headed gulls.


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