Tern Hide and Goosander Hide CLOSED Today

There is maintenance work taking place on Goosander Hide and Tern Hide today so they will remain closed ALL DAY today. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

In bird news Kevin Sayer recorded a ringed lesser black-backed gull on Ibsley from the Goosander Hide on Friday night.

New Image

Ringing birds helps to track the birds and find out more information about them for example how long they live for and which habitats they rely on. This lesser black-backed gull was ringed when it was 9 years old at Stoke Orchard Landfill Site in Gloucestershire on 6th December 2008. It has since been sighted at Gloucestershire Landfill Site, Grundons Landfill Site, Chew Valley Lake in Bath and most recently last November it was sighted at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve in Wiltshire. Now 4 yrs and 316 days since it was first ringed in Gloucestershire it has arrived at Blashford!

Even more impressive was the history of another ringed lesser black-backed gull that was also seen on Friday night. It was originally ringed on 22nd May 2012 at Chouet Landfill on Guernsey! After its initial ringing it turned up at Blashford Lakes 39 days later!


One thought on “Tern Hide and Goosander Hide CLOSED Today

  1. I put these rails in place exactly for gulls to sit on and have their rings read, although not that many have been so far. I have seen a bird from the same Guernsey landfill there before and others from Gloucestershire. Pleased to see they are still delivering.

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