Worn out by chores and watching dragonflies

It’s unusual for me to find myself in charge of the reserve on a weekday, but all the normal (yes there are a few!) weekday workers were at a meeting.

The rather unprepossessing weather conditions aren’t conducive in providing a plethora of wildlife interest so I’ve devoted most of my time to some household chores and on-going maintenance. This included checking and repairing a couple of seed feeders, ready for the winter onslaught of the avian munchkins, mostly finches of the chaff and green varieties together with siskin, brambling and redpoll – which, hopefully, will arrive here shortly. Also spent some time sweeping the outside of the building to remove our seasonal decorative collection of spiders’ webs, which are proving a navigational hazard to the moths we try to attract on a nightly basis.

But the conditions haven’t been too bad as ‘our’ local Southern Hawker dragonfly has been patrolling the car park and around the pond, in a continual search for ‘something’, probably a mate!  His efforts are relentless, constantly in motion; it’s exhausting just watching him. At this point I’d wanted to show you a  picture, but the software isn’t allowing me to – sorry.

The woods are starting to produce a good display of fungi, whether it’s the fine summer followed by a moderately damp spell or for some other reason entirely, I don’t know. Can’t say I’m too strong on identification of fungi, but there are a lot to be seen and they provide a wonderful display.


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