Another ex clifden nonpareil and a wing tagged harrier.

Almost unbelievably the remains of another clifden nonpareil moth was in the moth trap again this morning! Again it seems to have been eaten by wasps, a shame for the moth and a shame because I have never seen a live one!


Clifden nonpareil reduced to just wings.

The trap did contain a much commoner red underwing, a very similar moth but with red instead of blue under wings. Thankfully the wasps had left this one alone, although part of me wishes they had eaten the commoner moth!


A red underwing that survived the wasps.

Birds today included around 200 swallows over Ibsley Water in the morning, an increasing in shovelers up to around 90 and a single goldeneye. A few siskins where feeding amongst the grey alder trees in the north of the reserve and at least 40 chiffchaffs where present in the willow scrub along the paths to the lapwing hide. Best bird of the day though was a female/juvenile type marsh harrier (females and juveniles have similar plumage) that flew south high over the entranceĀ  of the reserve at 4.05pm. Interestingly it had green wing tags but frustratingly as the bird was so high up and I was viewing the bird from underneath, I couldn’t read the numbers on the tags. A quick internet search has revealed that the bird would of been tagged in Norfolk. For a picture of a wing tagged marsh harrier see here:

I have sent the record off to the project so it will be interesting to see if they can tell me anything else about it.


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