Wet, grey day at Blashford, but lots to see.

Its been a rather wet and grey day at Blashford today, the sun did manage to break through on the odd occasion this afternoon, but only briefly. When the sun did pop through the cloud the dragonflies were active, species seen were southern hawker, migrant hawker and common darter, also a few butterflies made brief appearances on the Buddleia, large white, red admiral, comma, small tortoiseshell and peacocks.
I took a gamble last night on setting the moth trap with the predicted weather forecast, but, it paid off as this morning going through the moth trap I counted 20 odd different species in it. Now I am rather new to moth ID, it is something I am learning fast and actually quite enjoying (I didnt think i would get in to moths). I have relied on the expertise of Ed the reserves officer for moth ID, but he is away on Holiday at present, so this was the first time I have done the moth trap on my own. I was rather pleased that I new the vast majority of what was in the moth trap and didn’t have to use the ID book ( Ed is a good teacher), but there were two new moths for me in the trap which i did have to look up in the ID book, A autumnal rustic and a feathered gothic.

.Autumnal rustic (left) and feathered gothic

Autumnal rustic (left) and feathered gothic

I managed to get out and about around the lakes today to see what birds were about, didn’t see the Osprey today, but there was a good passage of waders on Ibsley water, greenshank, little stint, ruff, ringed plover, common sandpiper and lapwing, I also saw green sandpiper flying off the shallow end of Ivy lake. A black tern was flying about over Iblsey water for most of the day. Other birds seen on Ibsley water today were, mute swan,greylag goose, canada goose, egypitian goose, gadwall, teal, mallard, pochard, tufted duck, cormorant, little grebe, great crested grebe, coot, black headed gull, lesser black backed gull and great black backed gull.
Good views of the kingfisher were had from Ivy south hide and Ivy north hide, on Ivy lake there were a few species of wildfowl starting to gather, gadwall, mallard, shoveler, teal and tufted, the wigeon that arrived last week have seemed to have disappeared elsewhere. There were several grey herons fishing on ivy silt pond.

I managed to find our last two fledged common terns today, they were over on Rockford lake and were easy to view from the footpath running along side it between Rockford lake and Ivy lake. Whilst I was on the footpath running along Rockford lake I had a look from the viewing screens that look over Ivy lake. The viewing screen that looks over to Ivy north hide was best with great views of a water rail walking along the reedbed fringe, not possible to see that area from ivy north hide and the green sandpiper that i mentioned earlier.
The bird feeders at the woodland hide and in the centre car park have been regularly visited by greenfinch, chaffinch, nuthatch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit and bullfinch. Also there were treecreepers and flocks of long-tailed tits flitting about. The sparrowhawk made a visit to the woodland hide feeders today and successfully took a chaffinch.

The sky have got very dark here at Blashford again, looks like its going to start raining again, and I think its in for the night, I must not keep moaning about this rain as it is desperately needed, but, hopefully this waterlogged young greenfinch I found hiding out of the rain will dry out and survive.

a waterlogged young greenfinch

a waterlogged young greenfinch

Until next time……………………………….

3 thoughts on “Wet, grey day at Blashford, but lots to see.

  1. You sure the young Greenfinch isn’t a victim of Trichomoniasis ? Greenfinches are particularly prone to picking up the parasite at feeders. Symptoms look just like your bird – puffed up feathers , sleepy look , seeds and saliva stuck around base of beak , hangs around feed area trying to eat but unable to swallow and very approachable and reluctant to fly.It’s saliva will transfer to the seed and other finches will pick up dropped seed it can’t eat and catch the parasite.
    Have had Greenfinches,House Sparrow , Chaffinch and several Golfinches over the last three years with this death sentence and despite cleaning my feeders infected birds pop up every now and then so now don’t feed seed. Sorry to be gloomy – hope it is just waterlogged but why would a healthy bird let itself get soaked? Saw somebody post a picture of one just like yours the other day on facebook in which she described it as ‘so cute – has been asleep on the bird table most of the day’ !

    • Hi Paul, thankyou for your comments and observations on the Greenfinch, i personally have never come across a bird with Trichomoniasis so cant really comment on the descrptive symtons you have described, all i can say is that the bird had gone from where i saw it. I will keep my eyes open for birds with the symptoms you have described. Cheers

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