A welcome windfall and other news


I was delighted to receive a visit from Angela Perrett of Hillview Studio’s today as she very kindly gave us a donation of £188.70 – raised by way of donations for refreshments during Hampshire Open Art Studio’s Fortnight this summer. Thanks too to Geoff Knott, an exhibitor at the studio and one of our crack team of volunteers who put us forward to receive the sum, shared with another charity, “Woofability”. All of the donations we receive, large or small, surprises like this one, from visiting groups, or general visitors to the reserve add up and make a significant difference to the work that the Trust can do – so if you are one of the many who have made a donation in the past may I also take this opportunity to thank you as well!

I promised an update on the “brush out” in my last blog and the good news is it worked – the bad news is I didn’t get the otter track I wished for, but can confirm that over Sunday one roe deer and one person crossed it!

Roe deer track

Roe deer track

You can tell it was a roe by the size of the track and other than the direction of travel by the points of the “toes”, the fact that the hind foot went into the slot of the fore foot also tells us that it was walking rather than trotting or running. As for the other print (below), all I can tell you is that it was probably a bloke as it was quite a large print and he was walking in the same direction as the deer! The rest of the brush out was undisturbed so I’ll keep tabs on it over the next few days to see if it reveals anything else.

Is this yours?

Is this yours?

Having been noticeable by its absence last week the great white egret is back haunting Ivy Lake again – Steve posted a nice picture yesterday and here is my somewhat less close-up view from Ivy North Hide this morning:

Great white egret

Great white egret

I missed at least two osprey over Ibsley water this morning – one flew by at altitude late morning/early afternoon and another gave good views for a little while first thing (probably minutes after I left Tern HIde this morning!), and was seen perched on the purpose-built platform for a while, which may bode well, or simply mean it’s a nice perch! Also reported from Tern Hide was a goshawk flying from Mockbeggar Village over the lake and hide towards Somerley.

While lunching at the back of the centre I was somewhat perplexed by a very colourful and exotic looking butterfly flying rapidly around the buddleia and corner of the building and was getting quite exasperated that it wouldn’t stop in order that I could get a better view of it – until it did finally alight briefly on the outside of the building, at which point it revealed itself as not a butterfly at all, but actually a red underwing moth – it didn’t stick around but paused long enough for me to get a photo and it was also co-operative in so much as it left its bright red underwings on show for me:

Red underwing - displaying its red underwings perfectly

Red underwing – displaying its red underwings perfectly

Another insect that caught my eye today was this wood wasp in Ivy South Hide. It’s a bit blurred as it wouldn’t sit still and  I’m not going to hazard a guess as to the species (oh go on then, I’ll have a stab at an alder wood wasp, Xiphydrya camellus but I know there are some experts out there reading this blog who may well post a comment as to its actual identification!):

A wood wasp?

A wood wasp?

In case I forget, or don’t find time to post another blog over the next couple of days, Ed asked me to give advance notice of “weeding” work outside Tern Hide this Thursday and again next Thursday from 10am-12pm-ish.

2 thoughts on “A welcome windfall and other news

  1. Hi Steve, thought you might like to see these pics taken on our visit Sunday 1st Sept. My wife took the Emperor over the pond, and I snapped the Wasp Spider close to the Gooseander hide, which were kindly pointed out by John. Best regards, Steve.


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