Late summer birds and insects…

There seems to be a bit of a movement of martins lately with 400 or so house and sand martins plus a few swallows over Ibsley Water yesterday morning and smaller numbers today. Also of interest on and around Ibsley Water today were a wheatear, a grey wagtail, green and common sandpipers, 3 shoveler, 11 teal, around 300 coots and a clouded yellow butterfly.

The great white egret has been frequenting Ivy lake today and yesterday, usually visible from Ivy North Hide but if you can’t see it here it is worth looking from the screens on the path between Rockford lake and Ivy lake as this gives a more complete view of Ivy lake. Turns out the egret is our regular visiting bird and has lime green, orange and red rings not yellow has I had previously reported. It was originally ringed as a nestling at Lac de Grand-Lieu, Vendee France on the May the 3rd 2003 and has visited Blashford Lakes very year since 2005. The longest lived Great White Egret ever was 22 years old so hope this bird will be visiting us for a while to come.  See Simon Woolley’s excellent book, the Birds of Blashford Lakes for more info:


Gold spot.

Moth trapping seems to be tailing off slightly with just 17 species caught last night. But Archer’s dart and a goldspot were interesting to see.

Archer’s dart is normally a coastal species but is found locally on New forest heathland.


Archer’s dart. Be excited

Small tortoiseshell now seems to taken over from peacock as the commonest butterfly on the buddlias outside the centre. The massive hornet imitating hoverfly Volucella zonaria and a grayling butterfly were also on show today.


Volucella zonaria



On a different note more habitat management work will be carried out on Ibsley Water in front of the Tern hide on Thursday morning, so if your visiting the reserve you may want to check out the other hides first.


3 thoughts on “Late summer birds and insects…

  1. Glad it is a new record Bob, just need to get a new bird for the site now! I thought it was quite a boring looking thing to be honest Rob, I’d rather have a red underwing any day!

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