Unfortunately the local avi-fauna seems to have developed a taste for moths again – what would have been a relatively good haul last night, despite the wet weather, was decimated by a feathered visitor so we will give the light trap a rest for a few days and then run it intermittently until predation has stopped again. I know that many visitors have specific interest in the moths when they visit so if you do wish to come specifically to see the moth catch please do check with us before making a journey to find out whether or not it has/will have been run.

Other than that there is not a lot else new to report other than to say that kingfisher are good value at the moment – one has now been seen most days visiting the dipping pond behind the centre (including one while we were having our lunch under the shelter just there the other day!) and I also saw one fishing outside Ivy South Hide when I opened up this morning. Grass snakes are generally also pretty reliable at the moment, including regular sightings en-route and in front of Ivy South Hide (Ed and Adam   had one about 1&1/2m of the ground in the willow/bramble hedge to the right of the footpath this afternoon), in the centre pond and on “compost cam” -screen snap shot captured by Michelle below!

Grass snakes starring on compost cam!

Grass snakes starring on compost cam!


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