Hello everyone

I quick introduction, my name is Adam Wells and i am the new part-time assistant reserves officer here at Blashford. I have been here about a month and i am just starting to find my way about. Just would like to say a thankyou to Ed, Jim and Michelle for making me feel welcomed in my new job role here

Went for a walk about today, noticed good numbers of waders about from the Tern hide, 250+ Lapwing, B T Godwit, Little ringed plover and Sandpipers both Common and Green. Has the Autumn migration really started already ? The sandpipers showing are a good indication that it is.


Lapwing from Tern Hide

As i have mentioned above, in the month i have been here i have been surprised at the variety of butterfly species i have seen, I have already recorded 17 different species, and that is without really looking for them. The buddlieas in the garden at the centre are starting to flower, this can be a great time to get up and close to butterfly’s whilst they are nectarine on the flower heads.


3 Peacock butterfly’s on one Buddleia flower head

Looking forward to the coming year here at Blashford and what wildlife it will bring, feel free to stop and say hello if you see me around at Blashford

Cheers Adam


One thought on “Hello everyone

  1. Hello and welcome Adam.
    As a regular visitor to the reserve and to the blog, it is really good to have an “introduction”
    Thank you.
    I look forward to meeting you in person sometime!

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