Adder at last.

Since starting at Blashford lakes last month I have been very keen to find Adders on site, I have always been very interested in reptiles and the Adder is probably one of my favourite British animals.

Today I disturbed a female Adder on the path approaching Lapwing hide. It hid under a leaning willow tree and I manage to get a few poor photos. Very pleasing to see none the less.


Female Adder

Other sitings this week include a recently fledged grey wagtail and a cetti’s warbler around Ivy lake, 2 mute swans with a single cygnet and a calling water rail on Ivy Silt pond. Geese are beginning to gather on Ibsley water to moult, with 187 greylags, 72 canada geese and 11 egyptian geese counted today. Broods of young coots and mallards were also on Ibsley today. Some very recently fledged Garden warblers and a group of Bullfinches were reported outside Goosander Hide this afternoon. A downy emerald dragonfly was seen laying eggs on the centre pond and keeled skimmer was a new record for the year.


One thought on “Adder at last.

  1. I noticed a new “blogger” recently. Welcome to Blashford Lakes. Perhaps you would introduce yourself to we readers? Good luck.

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