Some recent sightings.

Some interesting bird sightings this week, beginning with a Little Gull on Blashford Lake on Sunday (26th). On Tuesday the same lake had a pair of Oystercatchers with 3 chicks on the Island with the gull colony. Guestimates of around 600 House Martins, 100 Sand Martins, 100 Swallows and 200 swifts feeding in the rain low over Ibsley water on Tuesday evening was particularly impressive. Although the actual numbers of these bird is impossible to count as they were literally all over the place. I find it incredible that were actually finding insects to feed on in the heavy rain. Another or the same Little Gull was sat on an island in Ibsley water yesterday. But undoubted bird highlight of the week (so far anyway) was a Honey Buzzard that passed low over the Tern hide car park and Ellingham drove at 1720 while was I locking the car park gates. Definitely the best view of a Honey Buzzard I’ve ever had in Britain, I could see the yellow of it’s eye!

Moth trapping as remained incredible slow, with zero moths in the trap yesterday and just a green carpet, a white ermine, a shuttle-shaped dart and a nut-tree tussock today. Hopefully the epic haul of moths I have been hoping for will happen soon!

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