Newts and Warblers

We spent the day with Our Lady and St Joseph’s School searching Blashford Lakes’ habitats for minibeasts. Included in our catch were 3 smooth newts caught at the pond. After a late start they have finally made it back to the pond to breed.  The following photos are of the stunning male smooth newt. They have the striking spots and orange tummy and a crested tail. The male waggles his rather grand tail in courtship dances to the much plainer female.

Male Smooth Newt

Male Smooth Newt

Male Smooth Newt

Male Smooth Newt

Male Smooth Newt

Male Smooth Newt

On Sunday the bird ringers were in for their first session of ringing up near Goosander and Lapwing Hide; they had an excellent start with a catch of 39 birds. Thanks to Jenny, Carol, Jenny and Kevin for their help with the ringing. They caught and ringed the following;

Reed Warbler 18

Sedge Warbler 2

Garden Warbler 4

Chiffchaff 1

Blackbird 3

Reed Bunting 3

Long-tailed Tit 2

Blue Tit 1

Dunnock 3

Wren 1

Song Thrush 1

Garden Warbler

Garden Warbler

Some of the retrapped birds are of interest. One of the Sedge Warbler’s had a French ring – which doesn’t always mean it was ringed in France – as we have found this out  in the past!

They also had a control Chiffchaff – a bird ringed in the UK but not at Blashford Lakes.

Several of the Reed & Garden Warblers are returnees which were originally ringed at Blashford in 2011 and 2012.


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