Damsels finally sighted…

Michelle and I are now well and truly in the throes of what is always a hectic summer term of teaching, so apologies for the lack of pictures to accompany this entry, but, yes, at long last, yesterday (and today) large red damselflies can finally be seen winging their way around the nature reserve and particularly by the Centre pond, where no doubt many emerged recently as nymphs. The last day in April was remarkably late considering they are regularly first seen in March. Also reported today were first sightings of a few butterfly firsts of the year, including orangetip, speckled wood and comma.

The BTO Constant Effort Site bird ringing survey begins as of tomorrow, so morning visitors may be aware of activity in the vicinity of Lapwing Hide with the intention of building up on-going long-term information about the bird life of this part of the nature reserve and population trends, with the primary interest being the warblers that breed and feed in the reed and scrub here, though of course other birds will also be ringed and contribute further to our knowledge of bird population trends both within the reserve and nationally. The bird ringers are very happy to talk to visitors about what they are doing but please do not disturb the nets, particularly when they are being deployed for the survey work.

Another warning for visitors tomorrow is that subject to weather the volunteers may be “painting” the exterior of the Tern Hide – it needs doing while the sun is shining and while there are no birds nesting outside to disturb, so apologies to any visitors that this may impact upon.

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