The sun has got his hat on!

What a glorious day! Soaking in the warmth of the sun really does make your heart sing for spring and the rest of the inhabitants of Blashford were feeling the same too! Throughout the day the air was full of bird song, the buzzing of insect wings and the occasional rustle as a grass snakes slithered away from their sunning spot along the edge of the path. Grass snakes were also seen basking out in their usual spot on the logs in front of Ivy South hide.

The flowers were also looking their best in the sunshine. The tiny purple flowers of the dog violet and ground ivy are starting to spread through the woodland; with patches along the edge of the path between Woodland hide and Ivy South hide.

Dog Violet

Dog Violet

Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy

The woodland floor is also covered in a carpet of yellow as the celandine flowers have opened up to face the sun. Their yellow flowers have taken over from the daffodils that have now finished flowering for the year.



As well as the yellow flowers of the primroses there are cowslips dotted around to look out for too.




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