Bird Ringers

The bird ringers were in at the crack of dawn to carry out ringing throughout the morning. They put out fine mist nets which catch the birds without causing them harm. They then identify, measure and weigh them and put on a ring; each ring has a unique number so if that bird is caught again it can be traced back to here.

Kevin, Brenda and Carol had a good session this morning resulting in a very healthy catch of 52 birds as follows:-

Lesser Redpoll 16
Siskin 26
Brambling 1
Blackbird 1
Song Thrush 1
Dunnock 1
Robin 1
Wren 1
Chaffinch 4

This is the handsome male brambling they ringed who will soon be leaving us to head back to his breeding grounds in Scandinavia and West Siberia.

Male Brambling

Male Brambling

I hope you all enjoyed the glorious weather we had this morning that Jim and I organised for our guided walk starting from the Alice Lisle pub! As we walked along the northern shore of Rockford you could feel the welcoming heat of the sunshine. The gorse flowers are blooming and they were buzzing with honey bees.  I also saw the first lesser celandine flowering along by the Docken’s Water.  We had brilliant views of kingfisher along the western shore of Rockford however the black necked grebes were definitely in stealth mode as 20 pairs of eyes scanned the water to no avail. However the grebes had been spotted earlier on.  Other bird watchers on the reserve had no luck spotting the green winged teal or smew today but the bittern were on show once again for a lot of the day. There are currently   3 bitterns as 2 were seen from Ivy North Hide whilst one was showing on Ivy Silt Pond. 


In other bird news there are 3 bewick swans up at Harbridge.

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