Bitterns here, there and everywhere!

Definitely the bird of the moment, either there are more bitterns around at the moment, or they are becoming increasingly mobile – or both.

Either way today bittern were seen from Ivy North Hide, Ivy South Hide (flying into the reeds in the bay to the north), both of the Ivy/Rockford Lakes path screens, both in the reeds fringing the northern shore and, new this year, flying into and from the reeds fringing the south-east of Ivy Lake and finally bittern was seen again in Ivy Silt Pond (where I had fantastic views of one perched high in the reeds at the top of the pond when I locked up last night). So far I have not heard of any bittern being seen around Ibsley water or the pond at the top just north-east of the Lapwing Hide but I would be surprised if there wasn’t at least one bittern at least visiting that area. So how many bittern are there at the moment? Hard to say, but based on actual observations, definitely two, almost certainly three and entirely probably four or more!

Other bird highlights of the last couple of days are regular sightings of kingfisher – including reports of at least two birds patrolling the western shore of Rockford Lake, green-winged teal – most often seen from the northern most of the screens over-looking Ivy Lake amongst the teal (look for its vertical rather than horizontal white stripe along the body) and the black-necked grebe – one on Ibsley Water and two on Rockford Lake.

For those of you who are interested in moths but have given up asking, I’ll be running the light trap over-night, so do have a look if you are about tomorrow. I may, or may not, have something to report on the moth front tomorrow, depending on how successful it is (and how successful my identification is!).

Finally, the first of the wild daffodils, in the more sheltered area outside the Woodland Hide, are very, very almost out:

130208Blashford by J Day


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