Office bound blues…

Kingfisher at the centre pond

Kingfisher at the centre pond

Don’t get me wrong, Blashford Lakes is a great place to work, but sadly many of our visitors get to spend far more time out exploring it than Michelle and I actually do, as red-tape and administrative work all exact their toll (aah I hear you cry, I can hear the violins from here!).But I’m not complaining as it can’t be many people who can look out of their office window and enjoy sights such as this!

Not the best kingfisher picture you’ll see, by a long shot, but not bad for one “digi-scoped” through the window from my desk!

Elsewhere on the reserve Keith of “In-Focus” optical equipment sales was over at Tern Hide as normal, it being the first Tuesday of the month and judging by the number of people making enquiries in the centre, he must have been doing a roaring trade, despite the odd flurries of sleet and snow this morning!

A bittern put on a bit of an appearance at Ivy North Hide this morning and the great white egret was seen both from there and on the Ivy Silt Pond (with another – the same? – kingfisher).




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