That’s more like it!

 Well after some wet weather and a very wet night the river was well up again today – but apart from a brief shower this morning today has turned out very spring like with reports of two bittern and the great white egret at Ivy North Hide again this morning.

Also of note, as far as we are concerned at least, was a yellowneck mouse trapped in the loft overnight and the first for several months. A sign of the warmer weather, or displaced from the woodland by the flooded river? Either way it has been released a suitable distance from the centre!

Nothing else of note observed or reported, but the reserve was understandably busier today after a very quiet day yesterday and I’ll leave you with a few general shots to give you the flavour of the day! Appologies for the strange font – I don’t know why it did it, or how to remove it!

130130Blashford4 by J Day

130130Blashford9 by J Day

130130Blashford8 by J Day


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