Reserve Update

Yesterday a great grey shrike was seen near the path to Ivy North Hide. Today visitors were in early to make the most of the dry start to the day. Two green sandpipers were seen flying from Ivy South Hide.  Ivy Lake is full of ducks at the moment, mainly gadwall, wigeon, teal, coot, shoveler, pochard and tufted duck. The were also mute swan, canada geese and a great crested grebe. No reports of the bittern or smew although lots were on the lookout for them.

Ivy Lake

Ivy Lake



The male wigeon were throwing their weight around this morning on Ivy Lake in hot pursuit of one lucky female. It was all very fast moving so photos are a bit blurry but hopefully capture a bit of the action. After a great deal of splashing, chasing, whistling and displaying of their wings it all petered out to nothing.







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