18-01-2013 KB 3a 18-01-2013 KB 5a Copy of 18-01-2013 12 KB 1a

Pictures above taken yesterday by Kevin while it was snowing.

The hides and centre are open as normal today. The main Tern Hide car park however remains closed and will do so until I am confident that the conditions are such that vehicles are not going to come a cropper or exacerbate the icy surface! The Tern Hide is open to anyone on foot!

It is looking lovely and I will post a few more pictures and update before the day is out.

I haven’t been around the hides (with the exception of Tern Hide) yet, but todays highlight so far is an owl… as I drove up the track to the centre car park it flew away from me and into the trees so I’m not sure exactly what it was other than it was unmistakably an owl and I am assuming that it was probably a short-eared owl, though I guess it could have been a hungry tawny. Will keep my eyes open and update you if I can!


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