It’s raining again…

In fact, despite a lull this afternoon for a short while, it is raining hard again now and has been pretty dismal all day!

This did not however put off our hardy visitors who turned out despite the weather (albeit not in the numbers of the last couple of days of sunshine, and to be fair some had thought the forecast was for a good day today too!) and, despite the weather, all enjoyed their views of the wildfowl and woodland birds – highlights regaled to me while visitors availed themselves of the warmth and facilities of the centre included the ever popular brambling, redpoll, great white egret and (eventually – unfortunately visitors in the morning missed out) at least two bittern.

With a spell of cold weather forecast (hard as it is to believe right now) we may see more wetland birds arriving. For once I was not unhappy to be stuck behind my desk and spent the day catching up with various essential admin tasks, including preparing next years budget for approval, with a short break in the afternoon to clean and replace the feeders in the car park.

Advanced warning: if it really does get cold over the next few days/weeks we may need to close the Main/Tern Hide car park, and, possibly Tern Hide itself. The concrete surface there can be very treacherous in cold weather at the best of times, but will be more slippery than an ice skating rink if the standing water that is there freezes also. As much as I know it will frustrate some people if we do need to do this it will be a last resort and for your (and our!) safety!


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