Hurricane Restoration Begins

Our Thursday morning conservation volunteers have taken on the challenge of excavating the hurricane. The plane mosaic was installed as part of an art project that took place on the reserve about 7 years ago. The life-size outline of a hurricane plane was created to represent the site’s historic use as RAF Ibsley air field during World War II.  Over the last year the mosaic had been reclaimed by nature; buried in soil by worms with grass and brambles growing up in between the stones.

The volunteers started last week by digging around the outline of the plane and then Kevin cut away the brambles.  

The Outline of the Hurricane

Outline of the Hurricane

Today the volunteers started to dig away the mud and grass and Jim had a good excuse to get on the quad bike to take over some extra cobbles for adding on top.


Hmmm….where to begin?

After all their hard work Jim took his place in the pilot’s seat…..

Jim the Pilot

Jim the Pilot

and Judy and Liz had a go at wing walking….

Wing Walkers

Courageous Wing Walkers

The hurricane is located along the path that runs parallel to Ellingham Drove – so why not have a walk around and keep an eye on their progress!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Restoration Begins

  1. great work i never even knew it was there food for though why not see if a construction firm who has piles of demolishion rubble that needs a home donate it to the project lay it and flatten it into the surface then place a single seat in the cockpit area that would make a lasting memorial for all to see and remember by. expand it evermore by covering in concrete and drawing the design into it befor it dries. beleave it or not there are a lot of unused funding projects doting around even in these hard times check out John Lewis for one to get you started.

  2. try these for project hurrican nothing to lose and with John Lewis they may even send some staff to help out.BOBP Subject: John Lewis Grant scheme and Asda’s Community Life campaign information

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