It was a relatively busy day today with lots of visitors and our monthly event for Wildlife Tots! The bittern was seen from Ivy North hide together with a glimpsing view of a cetti’s warbler. Elsewhere on the reserve the mild weather has brought out a large number of scarlet elf cups along the path to the Woodland hide where there is ample damp dead wood for it to feed on.

Scarlet Elf Cup

Scarlet Elf Cup

On the lichen heath I stumbled across what seemed to be emergence holes in the sandy soil. My first thoughts were that they were the holes of either beetles or wasps although it seems very early for them to be out. If you have any ideas let me know! The rabbit poo should give you a good scale.

 A Possible Emergence Hole on Lichen Heath

A Possible Emergence Hole on Lichen Heath

The Wildlife Tots followed the adventures of ‘Stickman’ today. Stickman is a story by Julia Donaldson which follows a Stickman’s adventure as he gets used by lots of different people for lots of different things. This involved being used as a pooh stick, as a flag for a sand castle……

Sand Castles by the Docken's Water

Sand Castles by the Docken’s Water

and as an arm for a doughman (as an alternative to a snowman!)





It was so warm today that even the doughmen started to melt! Finally we made our own Stickmen to take home for some more adventures.


WIldlife Tots and their Stickmen

Wildlife Tots and their Stickmen

The Forest Journal were in taking some photos of the event; so keep an eye out for our Wildlife Tots in the Thursday paper! Our next Wildlife Tots sessions are on Monday 4th Feb; for more information click here.


3 thoughts on “Stickman!

  1. Any chance the emergence holes could be BombusTerrestris bumble bee? I saw a queen in flight @ Studland bay on New Years Day. John Boarder.

  2. Jim thinks they might have been made by minotaur beetles coming out to feed on the rabbit poo – which makes sense when you put all the clues together!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful Wildlife Tots session on 7th Jan. The Stick Man adventures were so much fun :o) Eva & Oscar had a great time as did I. We’re looking forward to the Feb one already.

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