Christmas Quiz Answers!

1. Orange Tip orange-tip

2. Gate Keeper Gatekeeper by Jim Day

3. Elephant Hawk Moth elephant-hawk

4. Wasp Spider wasp-spider

5. Hornet hornet-in-the-moth-trap

6. Long winged conehead long-winged-conehead

7. Eyed Hawk Moth eyed-hawk-moth-disturbed

8.Vapourer Moth Caterpillar vapourer-caterpillar

9. Blue-Tailed Damselfly blue-tailed-damselfly

10. Spectacle Moth spectacle-p1330926_crop

11. Scorpionfly scorpionfly-male

12. Garden Tiger Moth garden-tiger

13. Horsefly horsefly

14. Violet Ground Beetle violet ground beetle

15. Garden Snail garden-snails-mating

16. Rosy Footman Moth rosy-footman-p1340838

17. Mosquito mosquito

18. Mullein Moth Caterpillar mullein-moth-caterpillar-and-honey-bee

How did you do?


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