Raindrops are Falling on My Head

Yesterday was a welcomed dry day with glorious blue skies in the morning and atleast 2 bittern were seen from Ivy North Hide. Today is another wet day. The river wasn’t as high as Wednesday morning first thing, but it is still rising as the rain continues to fall. Tern Hide remains closed as the car park continues to impersonate a lake!

I tried to capture the beautiful side of rain as I took a stroll this morning even though the rain decided to crank up a gear as I left the Woodland Hide. The alder cones and catkins were twinkling with a single droplet beneath each and every one of them. The occasional alder cone had bright yellow droplets. I wondered what caused this; is it coming from inside the cone itself or washing off from the outside? I like the fact you can see the reflection of the long thin alder tree trunks reaching up into the sky above.

Alder Cone Droplet

Alder Cone Droplet

Across the boardwalk the drops falling off the trees created lots of bubbles in the water. 

Woodland Bubble

Woodland Bubble

I found some ivy that was still in flower with its brilliantly structured yellow flowers held out in small clusters. These seem particularly late as the usual flowering season is September/October time. Ivy’s late flowering season makes it a valuable source of nectar for many insects prior to hibernation. Another colourful plant was this wild rose with its last remaining hips.

Rainbow Rosehips

Rainbow Rose Hips

This is my final day in the office before I head off for Christmas so I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I leave you with this photo of Blashford today (there is a river in there somewhere). I found a new mode on the camera that attached a rather tasteful (?!) frame to my photo – I hope you like it!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Please note that Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve, Bird Hides and Car Parks will be CLOSED on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All other days we are open as usual 9am-4.30pm.


4 thoughts on “Raindrops are Falling on My Head

  1. Many thanks for the member of staff who found my birding note book Friday afternoon. A whole year of birding notes! I thought I had lost them.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.
    Pat Harris

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