Tractor Day

After posting on the blog on Monday I turned around to look out the window and saw a beautiful sunset had been taking place behind me. The photo that captured the colours best was the one I took of the web cam on Ivy Lake. Very lazy photography!

Monday sunset

Monday Sunset

Yesterday the Centre was engulfed with freezing fog for the entire day which led to an early covering of ice. This morning the haw frost was stunning as I drove across the Forest to work; the silver birch along Ellingham Drove were completely crusted in ice crystals.

Martin and Ben from Roydon Woods, another Wildlife Trust reserve, came over to Blashford today to carry out some tree work. They brought their tractors, chainsaws and a winch and set about successfully clearing the Dockens Water from the large fallen trees.


Resting Tractor

The trees had fallen in after the high winds and heavy rainfall we have had since the summer and had created a few log jams that needed busting! The tractors made light work of it too; playing a giant game of pick up sticks.


Working Tractor – pulling a tree out the river

It is hoped that the flooding of the road and Tern Hide car park will be reduced with the removal of these blockages.

In bird news the Great White Egret seems to have moved back up to the lakes again. Over the last few days it has been seen on Ivy Lake, Rockford Lake and Mockbeggar Lake – so he’s keeping us on our toes!


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