Under the Radar

I know I am no longer working at Blashford, but they have not blocked me from posting and as I was there today and nobody else has posted I will sneak a quick stealth post in.

I only had a relatively quick look at Ibsley Water at the end of the day and the brisk northerly wind made looking from the Tern hide less than pleasant. I did see what was probably the largest gathering of shoveler I have ever seen ont he lake with at least 373 present, there were also 40 or 50 pintail, at least 7 goldeneye, including 4 adult drakes, 29 goosander and a black-necked grebe. This last bird was on a part of the lake that I don’t think I have seen one before, right down in the south-western corner.

The gull roost was not very large but included at least 2 adult yellow-legged gulls,  although many birds were still arriving when I had to leave.

The last notable thing was the very high water level, I suspect it is as high as I have ever seen it and if we get even a normal winter will be a good bit higher by the spring.


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