Blashford Lakes plus one!

As I arrived to open up the Tern Hide this morning I promptly re-locked the car park on the discovery of the newest addition to the reserve – an extra lake! I spent the majority of the day with our “Wildlife Tots” today being the first time we had completely filled the event -twice! Word has spread and so our popular Wildlife Tots session has now spilled over to an additional afternoon session too. The theme was small seeds and tall trees – but with the small amount of seeds around we decided to focus on the big giants instead! With our newspaper ‘explorer’ hats on we went on an expedition to find different shaped leaves and meet the trees – it was brilliant fun!

At lunchtime I just missed the red kite that was seen flying over the Education Centre. On locking up I had a quick check of the hide diaries to catch up on any wildlife news. The woodland hide visitors had seen brambling, redpoll, great spotted woodpecker and nuthatch. At Ivy North hide there appears to have been no sighting of the bittern today, however kingfisher were seen. As I got to Ivy South Hide to lock up I was in for a treat. I bumped into a visitor who had been on an unsuccessful hunt for the roost of the great white egret but had instead been rewarded with an unexpected murmuration of starlings over the tree line of Ivy Lake. Although it was a relatively small flock of starlings the backdrop of the pink-tinted sunset sky still made it quite a spectacle. They roosted down in the reed bed on the northern edge of the lake.



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