Ignorance is bliss?

Fortunately today, after several days of no sightings, there were reports of bittern from Ivy North Hide again and as had been reported on Monday, sightings of not just one, but two individual birds.

This is great news as earlier in the week a couple of visitors decided that they would enjoy an early morning recce before the site opened and were encountered first thing in the morning squeezing their way round the blind from the front of Ivy North Hide where they had been up to goodness knows what.

Any birder or photographer with a ounze of common sense would appreciate that breaking cover is not conducive to great wildlife sightings and to do so on the brow of a bank absolutely the worse thing to do. Since this bit of impromptu exploration, until today at least, there had been no bittern sightings so I am relieved that the birds are back and have not been put off for good by these particular individuals whose selfish actions I will charitably put down to ignorance rather than stupidity!

Michelle and I have continued to be busy with school holiday activities and courses for adults, hence the lack of blog between the last and this, so apologies for the poor service, but we continue to strive to keep on top of both our education work and, in the absence of a Reserves Officer, general site work too.

With a seasonal theme to the activities this week our highlight, if only because it was an experiment at trying something new, which worked spectacularly well, was making “toffee apples” over a fire. Baked on a stick, coated in sugar and cinnamon and quickly re-baked, they are quite delicious!


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