The Sunday Supplement – another Merveille du Jour – just a bit ‘otter

Just when you think things are going quite well ……………  they can sometimes get better.

We thought that the Merveille du Jour  – literally translated ‘marvel of the day’ was going to live up to its name, then,as we went to close the Ivy South Hide, along comes an Otter to round off the day, .   As with the (same?) one we saw earlier this year (5th August) we are indebted to some visitors (not the same ones) who had been watching it for about ten minutes when we arrived.

Just another of those pesky Otters!!!

This time the Otter was in Ivy Lake, our previous sighting was in the settlement pond, so it was a little more distant.    Whilst not the best of pictures, bear in mind we were in the hide and the Otter is here just off the peninsular in mid-lake.    It caught a fish and did briefly haul out onto the peninsular to eat it, but was only really spotted as it moved off to go fishing again.

Sorry Jim!!!!

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