Wet, wet and wetter!

Typical meeting type day – got soaked opening up this morning, into a meeting at 9.15am and the sun came out at about 9.45am. Sun stayed out all through the meeting and afterwards while I got some office work done. Headed out at about 2pm to check a couple of bits of the site that get less well walked and about 5 minutes later the heavens opened again. Made it to Ivy South Hide just as the sun came out and enjoyed a bit of a chat with some visitors in there for quarter of an hour or so, opened the door and the deluge began again and maintained itself while I walked over to Tern Hide and back again. At which point the sun came out and even migrant hawkers were flying! So not many photo’s, but here is what Ellingham Lake looked like (and the rest will have been similar) while I enjoyed my constitutional:

And nothing to report other than a fresh arrival of wigeon (now up to a dozen from one) on Ivy Lake. The only other thing that caught my eye were the rosehips which are a lovely vibrant red against the green of the rest of the vegetation and perhaps standing out more than usual in part because of the general lack of other fruit (the birds are going to have a tough time this winter and Blashfords bird feeding expenditure is likely going to go through the roof!) and in part because every thing is so grey in the rain. Anyway, they were worth a photo:

I am very much hoping that the Thursday morning volunteer weather magic holds good for tomorrow!

Looking ahead to later in the week, I know some people like to avoid hides when the bird ringers are working near them (equally other visitors seek them out) so be aware that with the forecast looking better the bird ringing team are planning to come in to set up nets at Goosander Hide on Thursday evening with a view to ringing on Friday morning. There is always a chance that they will ring over the weekend either instead of or as well as Friday, but there is no firm plan to do so as yet.


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