Well perhaps a Silver!! or at least a Bronze

My quiet confidence of yesterday over the ‘Going for Gold – 50 bird challenge’, has been slightly shattered as we failed to find the fifty species. As anyone who goes birdwatching on a regular basis knows, there are just some days when even the most regularly seen birds fail to make their presence felt. Today even the normally persistent pheasant and collared dove that frequent areas around the bird feeders weren’t in evidence.

Eight people turned up for the walk and between us we did manage to see 43 species. Those who took part  enjoyed the walk and saw a large number of birds albeit a lot of the same species. Final list was – in no particular order Egyptian goose, great crested grebe, cormorant, swallow, Canada goose, shoveler, grey heron, house martin, sand martin, tufted duck, magpie, mute swan, wood pigeon, lapwing, jackdaw, mallard, wigeon, pochard, teal, carrion crow, coot, greylag goose, little grebe, robin, blue tit, blackbird, moorhen, buzzard, herring gull, siskin, chifchaff, goldfinch, nuthatch, greenfinch, chaffinch, great tit, coal tit, gadwall, great black-backed gull, black-headed gull, goldeneye, dunock and wren.

Just a couple of pictures from this morning to add colour and smell to the blog

 A fairly fresh, if smelly stinkhorn beside the path to Ivy South Hide,

Stinkhorn – the picture doesn’t do full justice to the smell

and this, to my mind and I hope you agree, rather attractive study on orange and brown called a Bordered Beauty

Bordered Beauty


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