Clearing the decks

Yet again another Thursday conservation team session was blessed with good weather. Today we made a start on knocking back the invasive willow growth around the edge of Ibsley Water, to the right hand side of the Tern Hide. In themselves  each of the small saplings doesn’t really look much, but some of them have already grown into substantial bushes 

At the start of the conservation work – lots of small and not-so small willows

and without control the whole area would soon become a scrubby mass. As this is potentially an excellent area for lapwing or little ringed plover to nest, removing the growth now gives them a better chance next spring.

Two hours later – an area fit for nesting waders

The Great White Egret was seen from the Ivy South Hide earlier today.  I didn’t manage to cath up with it myself, but the Great Crested Grebe family were quite active ‘dad’ (or ‘mum’ ) was fishing and brought back a rather substantial fish for the youngsters, who were on dad’s/mum’s back.

Young GC Grebes being offered a rather too substantial meal.


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