Well Bob has left and Michelle is on leave so we’re a bit short staffed at the minute, so please forgive the lack of pictures this blog round and will try and make time to get some on next time!

Definite signs of autumn today – clearly house martins were on the move, with large numbers over Ivy Lake in particular this morning, a beef steak fungus “sprouting” (I’ve a story about beefsteak fungus, but will save that for a blog with a picture and more time…), a spotted flycatcher was seen (and photographed) by several visitors on the lichen heath on the way to Ivy North Hide this afternoon and siskin are starting to gather in small numbers too.

The weather has been fairly autumnal as well – a bit fresher than of late and with heavy showers this afternoon. Hopefully the Thursday magic will hold for the usual volunteer work party tomorrow morning.

Eagle eyed readers will have seen that the Saturday Times last weekend named Blashford Lakes as the top wetland wildlife reserve to visit  too (okay, so the list was probably alphabetical, but we were still at the top of the list!).


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