Signs of Autumn

Bird News: Ibsley Watercommon sandpaper 1. Ivy Lakegreat white egret 1.

A few days since I have been able to post so a bit of a catch-up now. Yesterday I moved the lake camera to a new location which I thought might be better for birds this winter. I arrived this morning and turned on the tv in the lobby at the Education Centre and there just to the right of the centre of the picture was the great white egret, the first time I had “seen it” this autumn. I did see it in the flesh later, as it flew off towards Rockford Lake when I went to open the Ivy South hide. Opening the Tern hide there was a very smart juvenile common sandpiper on the shore near the hide, the picture does not do it justice.

common sandpiper

The moth trap was not busy but included a fine autumnal rustic.

autumnal rustic

There were also several very smart feathered gothic.

feathered gothic

And a single hedge rustic.

hedge rustic

It was my last Thursday Volunteer task today before I move off to pastures newish and old. Todays weather was a splendid as that for the Sunday volunteers the other day was dire. We were doing various tasks associated with this weekend’s events at Blashford, for which there are still places for anyone looking for something exciting to do with the family on Sunday. There will be pond dipping and a trail with loads of things to find, numbers are limited for come activities so booking is essential if you want to do some things (call 01425 472760).

The recent days have been very good for dragonflies and I have a few pictures. There have been lots of posing migrant hawkers.

migrant hawker

And common darter really do seem to be fairly common this year, although not as much so as they used to be a few years ago.

common darter

I hope to blog once or twice more before I sign off for good. In the meantime thanks to everyone who has made working at Blashford so enjoyable over the last six and a half years and to everyone who reads the blog and who have sent me comments, picture and information, please continue to do so as I’m sure Jim, Michelle and Steve will continue to post until my replacement arrives.


4 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

  1. Bob,
    just want to say thank you for all your hard work, your charisma and the way you are able to communicate with everybody who comes to Blashford Lakes . I admire your endless patience and the immense knowledge you have on most nature subjects. Very best wishes in your new venture, I and many others will miss you and fondly remember what you did for Blashford Lakes, please blog from time to time if you feel that way inclined, we will enjoy hearing from you. Monique Vanstone

  2. Didn’t realise you were leaving Bob will really miss your postsand your wisdom Blashford has improved incrediysince you have been there.
    Are you moving on to a new post or retiring?

  3. Bob,

    I don’t know you, but really miss your most interesting reports on the blog page.

    Your knowledge and sense of humour has been a total delight to us all.

    Very best wishes for what ever you are doing in the future. We will all miss you, even people like me who have never had the pleasure of meeting up with you.


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