Never Mind the Coneheads

Bird News: Ibsley Watercommon sandpiper 2, shoveler 77, teal 20+, wheatear 2, black tern 1 (reported).

Not at all a bad day, mainly warm and sunny with almost no sign of the threatened showers. I was catching up on a few small jobs around the reserve in between bouts of paperwork. I had to go up to the Lapwing hide in the morning and was pleased to see a good number of lapwing on the grassy peninsula south of the hide. The longer grass areas seem to be harbouring lots of long-winged coneheads and I got a picture of a female with the long sword-like ovipositor.

long-winged conehead

I had my first real look at the clearance work done by the Somerley Estate since they took over ownership of Mockbeggar Lake earlier this month. They certainly have not hung about and the clearance, which has been done mainly to facilitate angling, should also be of benefit to wildlife, especially wildfowl. Although rather drastic to look at now it should recover pretty quickly. In fact we were planning something similar had the lake been kept in the reserve as the shores had become very overgrown. Hopefully it will remain possible to view over the lake.

At lunchtime the area behind the Centre was alive with insects, including a female gold-ringed dragonfly egg-laying int he pond, they usually lay in flowing water, even when it is fast flowing like the Dockens Water. I failed to get a picture of it so this peacock will have to do.


At the end of the day as I went to lock up I found a stinkhorn fungus at the very earliest stage of emerging from the ground when it looks like an egg bursting up from the soil.

stinkhorn to be




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