It’s not all Swanning around!!!

Quite  number of people who, when they find out what I do here as a part-time warden/caretaker, will mutter things like ‘ what a wonderful job’ and ‘that must be good fun’.   I’m guessing that, also, that many of the readers of this blog will get the impression that we spend much of our time simply enjoying the delights of the reserve. Well that might be mostly true for me, but Jim, Bob and Michelle have their work cut out managing the place and providing wonderful educational experiences for the myriad of youngsters who come here.

Just occasionally though even I get a reality check, and today it was in the form of a mute swan that had stranded itself on along the path between Rockford and Ivy Lakes.  Not an altogether unusual occurrence, but not something I have to deal with regularly (only twice before today).    I suppose it’s that much vaunted urban myth about ‘swans and broken arms’ that has imbued them with their fearsome reputation, but when approaching such a large animal it’s not easy to shake off an expectation of possible  personal injury. So having, as it were, girded my loins for the action, I set to in ‘rescuing’ the poor beast.  On the grounds that one picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the images do the talking …..

Mute Swan on path

‘You looking at me????’


Just holding on

An undignified exit

‘Home’ even if not really ‘dry’

Elsewhere on the reserve there were plenty of  butterflies around the buddleia and on the marjoram around the pond  including plenty of Red Admiral and Peacock as well as these  Small Tortoiseshell and Small Copper

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Copper

To complete the somewhat ‘red/orange’ theme I’ll leave you with a picture of this smart-looking Common Darter

Common Darter


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