A Butterfly Day

I did not get out and about much today but when  I did it was evident that it was a good day for butterflies and especially for photographing them. it was warm enough for them to be active but cloudy enough that they had to stop and sunbathe whenever the sun came out. Red admirals and peacocks are the most abundant species with lots of very smart newly emerged ones about.

red admiral

The browns don’t bask with wings open as commonly as many other butterflies but even they were basking a lot today.

speckled wood

When I was having lunch I was buzzed by a silver-washed fritillary, eventually it landed on the picnic table beside me and it allowed me to get really close up.

silver-washed fritillary

The recent warmer days and nights have seen a considerable improvement in the numbers of insects to be seen with lots of dragonflies and much better moth catches as well as more butterflies.




2 thoughts on “A Butterfly Day

  1. Surprised that you guys have not mentioned the work being carried out at Mockbeggar lakes. All I can say is the Thursday volunteers are quick workers to clear so much in a little time. Good views from all hides now.

    The great white egret will not reconise the place! Have there been any sightings yet of his return?

    • I would have mentioned it earlier but things have moved very quickly and officially not until I was on holiday. Mockbeggar is now not in the reserve anymore and the clearance you mention has been carried out mainly to facilitate angling. That said we were planning a similar scale of clearance there this winter as part of the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. It should make the lakes much better for birds especially if the number of carp continue to fall. The work has been done by Somerley Estate and is, as you suggest, somewhat beyond the scale done by even the Blashford volunteers. I hope it will remain possible to view the lake from the reserve as it can be very good for birds.

      As yet no sign of the great white this year, but it has arrived in September before so perhaps it is just on the late side.

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