Wild in the Woods!




We had a lovely day out in Millennium Meadow with families on our basic bushcraft event – ‘Wild in the Woods!’ Wildlife highlights included 2 grass snakes warming up under a tin, wasp spiders laying in wait for passing grasshoppers to land on their webs and teeny tiny young toads.

We lit an ‘upside down’ fire, which seems to defy on laws of successful fire lighting but really does work! You start with the largest wood at the bottom and then build up layers of wood of decreasing size. Rather like a giant jenga tower! It is a lot easier to build and light, but only works on a nice dry day – just like today.Image

We cooked delicious damper bread over the fire, seasoned with a sprig of wild herbs.


The other challenge was to build a shelter. We are always amazed by the creativity people show in the many different designs they come up with when presented with the same poles, tarps, string and pegs!




Our next big family event is running on the weekend of 8th-9th September in celebration of The Wildlife Trust’s centenary. ‘Our Wetland Wildlife’ events will be running across the country and Blashford is hosting the event in Hampshire. Book you place today! We will be running ‘Wet and Wild’ family pond dipping sessions and ‘Wildlife Watching for All’. Explore the water discovery trail around the Nature Reserve and join Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers in the hides to learn about the wonderful wetland wildlife that calls the Lakes home at this time of year. For more information please visit our website: http://www.hwt.org.uk/reserve_detail.php/13/blashford-lakes. Phone us on 01425 472760 to book your place.




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