Reptiles anybody?

Well, they would have been nice seeing as today and yesterday’s “Wild Days Out” activity days were themed with reptiles and amphibians in mind, but a combination of rowdy children yesterday and torrential rain today did not aid us in our search! Having said that a hanful of children did manage to see the grass snakes yesterday before scaring them off and it was grand weather for little toads today!

Wildlife highlight today was this yellowneck mouse caught in the loft overnight that we released into a tank for the children to observe (and draw in some cases) before taking it for a short drive to be released at a suitable distance away, that will hopefully deter it from coming back to munch through cable!

Having got wet pond dipping before lunch we then decided we couldn’t get any wetter if we headed down to the river for some river fun. And actually I was probably wrong and at least some of the children definitly got even wetter – but had a ball!

There are still a large number of mute swan on Ivy Lake, though not so many as a couple of weeks ago and a handful of sandmartins are still feeding young at Goosander Hide where a kingfisher has been performing relatively well for the semi-residential photographer for a while now.

I keep looking for Steve’s otter but there have been no further sightings. The closest I have come to a little ‘otter was running around after the kids today and yesterday!


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