Sunday Blog, supplemental – mammal update

It always seems to happen that things get reported towards the end of the day – but I’m not complaining,  just grateful to our sharp-eyed visitors.

A couple came in late on to report that a squirrel was managing to get inside the ‘squirrel-proof peanut feeder’ – from their description I’m guessing it’s a youngster must be small to squeeze through the holes.  My thoughts are that if it continues to do so and feeds well there will come a point when it gets in but won’t be able to get out again!!!

Whilst going round to close the hides another couple were obviously watching some activity on one of the lakes. When asked they said they had been looking at an Otter!!!  Sure enough a large animal was swimming and diving in the lake and from the views we got it really couldn’t have been anything else.  As is usually the case we then lost sight of it but after the four of us had spent about 20 minutes searching it was re-located in another part of the lake,  brief glimpses of the broad brown head, large long body and long tapering tail convinced us all we had been watching an otter.  Typically the speed of the animal defied getting a convincing picture, but this was caught as it dived – what do you think?

My First Blashford Otter!!!

We then realised we had been joined by a kingfisher watching what was going on.

Kingfisher watching an otter???

As is the case with these things I guess the Otter was prospecting the area and has probably moved on by now.


One thought on “Sunday Blog, supplemental – mammal update

  1. Hi there, we met earlier. Your photo came out quite well. We ended up staying for another 30 minutes but we didn’t see the otter anymore. We were very excited about the spot though.

    I would say it was our very first wild otter spot although we were lucky to see one swimming in Bassenthwaite lake (Cumbria) last month whilst looking for Osprey. This one was far more exciting though as the Bassenthwaite Otter was at least a mile away.

    See you soon

    Paul 😉

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