Out in the Sunshine

It seems summer has actually arrived, today was very warm, too warm for the task of ragwort rem,oval on the shore of Ibsley water, or at least too warm for me anyway. This is an area of the reserve I rarely visit and certainly I only go there if there is a job to be done.  I got most of the ragwort removed and had a close up view of the islands we made last autumn out of one of the spits that used to run into the lake. The three low islands we made were used by nesting lapwing, redshank and oystercatcher this summer so I think we can claim a success. They certainly look pretty good at present.

Ibsley Water islands

The sun brought out a good few dragonflies and butterflies and I saw my first brown hawker of the year today, although I could not get a picture. It also tempted the flowers of the common centaury to open, they only do so in sunshine so must have had rather few open days this summer.

common centaury

In fact the reserve is starting to look quite flowery in places, the pond at the Centre has a good show of purple loosestrife. In this country it is often pushed out by the invasive Himalayan balsam which grows in similar habitats. In North America it is th purple loosestrife that is the invasive alien and they are trying hard to control it as it spreads and overwhelms their native riverside plants.

purple loosestrife



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