Late Post

A late post from Saturday, somehow I did not get time earlier, for which apologies.

The day started quite grey, cool and windy and when I opened the Tern hide Ibsley Water was abuzz with low flying swifts and sand martins. A buzzard was causing consternation in the black-headed gull colony as it helped itself to another chick. I think it may also have been hunting further down the shore as well, the oystercatcher pair seem to have lost their one chick, a real shame as it was probably only a week or so from fledging. The oystercatchers on Ibsley water are usually very successful, but this year there will be no young raised at all now since the other pair also failed. There was also one other notable sighting, a pair of pochard, a fairly unusual sight at this time of year.

The moth trap was quiet, but it had attracted something interesting, a large female common toad was sitting beside it when I went to move it to look through the catch.

common toad

The day did warm later and tempted out a few insects, although not that many for mid-June. The hemlock water dropwort is a great lure for lots of insects including one of the first Volucella pellucens, one of the largest and most noticeable of all our hoverflies.

Volucella pellucens

Later in the day as I was locking the Ivy South hide it was good to see the common tern chick continuing to prosper, lots of pairs still seem to have three chicks, which is a full set as they will only have laid three eggs.

The best bird I heard of all day wa sa report of a red kite seen from the Goosander hide in the morning.



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