Good News for Drivers

The day dawned misty and atmospheric, as I opened up the hides the sun was just starting to burn through as you can see from the picture of Ivy lake from the Ivy South hide.

Ivy Lake from Ivy South hide

The night was mild again and as a result the number of moths in the trap continue to rise, nothing really interesting but several species that are always a pleasure to see. As I was lifting out the egg boxes I disturbed an eyed hawk-moth and it spread the forewings to reveal the eyes.

eyed hawk moth disturbed

There were also 2 scorched wings, not unusual but very splendid, although difficult to get to settle on an interesting background.

scorched wing

For regular visitors, or indeed anyone who has tried driving down the track to the Education Centre in recent weeks, I have good news. Tomorrow the pot-holes are going to be filled in! This does mean that it will not be possible to drive to the Centre whilst the work is in progress, but a slightly longer walk is a small price to pay for not getting your car shaken to bits. Hopefully it will only take a few hours and should make things much better until such time as we can secure funding to get a tarmac surface laid. If you are intending to visit tomorrow the only parking will be in the Main Car Park on the north side of Ellingham Drove beside the Tern hide.



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