A Dragon in my Garden

Bird News: Ivy Lakepochard 3.

Another splendid sunny day, unfortunately one that I spent mostly away from Blashford, but at least tomorrow I will there all day. From the Tern hide first thing there was a lot of splashing going on in the lake, the culprits were several medium sized carp spawning in the shallows. Carp can be problematic in lakes and in much of the world are treated as very undesirable aliens and are the subject of vigorous control measures. In Britain they are an old introduction, like a good few of our freshwater fish and undoubtedly have a big impact upon ecosystems at times,a although this tend s to be worst in shallow lakes and especially if the substrate is very muddy.

thrashing carp

One the way round the reserve to open up I got a picture of a beautiful demoiselle, not quite my first of the season but it tops up the blog with a picture of every species of damselfly so far seen on the reserve this year.

beautiful demoiselle

Heading down to the Ivy South hide a grey heron caught my eye, although a digi-bin shot was all I could get.

grey heron

As I mentioned I was not at Blashford for most of the day but this did mean that I was at home for lunch and as a result finally saw my first dragonfly of the year, in fact I saw two, both were broad-bodied chasers and both recently emerged, hopefully Blashford will offer up some soon.

Broad-bodied chaser

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