Another Day at the Duck Pond

The moth trap is starting to produce a few more ‘new’ species with Scalloped Hook-tip, Sallow Kitten and Eyed Hawkmoth  probably the star performers of the day, although the much promised warmer weather failed to materialise and the haul was quite low with only twelve moths in total.

Scalloped Hook-tip

Sallow Kitten

Eyed Hawkmoth

The general overcast conditions haven’t made it an easy day for insect watching, we’ve only seen only one Large White butterfly , a blue damselfly – possibly an azure. The rather splendidly marked Wasp Beetle  found near the centre was a bit of a bonus. Although apparently a widespread beetle it was still good to see one ‘basking’ on some vegetation.

Wasp Beetle

It’s that time of year when the nettles are really starting to assert their presence, so we took the opportunity of an otherwise quiet day, to uproot a few along the path edges on the way to the Goosander Hide.  Whilst doing so we came across, on the underside of a nettle leaf, a rather intriguing ‘growth’ which looks like some sort of egg case – any suggestions??

Yellow thingy on nettle leaf

I always tend to think of Blashford Lakes as a post industrial site now turned over to wildlife,so it’s quite salutary to find indication of  other uses in the past as evidenced by a quite magnificent peony alongside the path leading to the Goosander Hide.

Peony near junction of paths to Goosander and Lapwing hides

Obviously a hang-over from some time in the past when the site may have had more ‘domestic’ use as in my limited knowledge of  gardening matters these aren’t plants that transplant easily, but I suppose it may have self-seeded from somewhere.

In a slightly similar vein – i.e. the unexpected – whilst sitting at lunch beside the pond at the back of the centre, a female mallard literally ‘dropped in’ for lunch and proceeded to feed on some of the floating plants in the pond.

Mallard on ‘Duck Pond’

This is possibly a quite common occurrence, but it’s the first time I’ve seen any waterfowl on this pond.


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