Terns Return

Bird News: Ibsley Waterbar-tailed godwit 2.

Not a lot to report today although I was a little surprised to see at least two of the bar-tailed godwit from yesterday still around, the black terns have departed though.

The morning was spent getting the rafts put out on Ivy Lake. Things went pretty well except that one of the mooring buoys had been lost which meant I could not find the rope, another mooring weight will have to be laid. Three of the four rafts did get out and by the time I had returned to the shore there were fourteen common terns in occupation. Although they had to wait this level of instant occupancy paid off as when a black headed gull tried to land it was instantly driven off, so I think there is little chance of them being taken over by gulls.

Hopefully I will have more to post tomorrow.

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